Mar 03

@ AISG Band Festival


AISG Band Festival with conductor Dr. Gene Aitken


Seven SIS instrumentalists from grades 8 and 9 travelled to Guangzhou for the AISG Band Festival on March 2 & 3, 2014. Along with students from other nearby international schools, these student musicians rehearsed for a performance and participated in masterclasses and sectionals with area professional musicians including Joke Tummers (woodwind specialist), Michael Garza (woodwind specialist), Wilson Wang (brass specialist), David Notley (brass specialist) and Tony Bott (percussion specialist). Dr. Gene Aitken directed the festival band. The festival closed with a performance for the AISG community.


SIS percussionist, Se Jin, learned proper technique for playing triangle and suspended cymbals in the masterclasses. He stated, “I learned about various types of percussion instruments that aren’t widely known.”

Min Jun added, ” it was really valuable to learn some new clarinet skills such as different kinds of articulation and ways to practice playing high notes.”






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